Playstation 4 controller trackpad works in Linux ?digital pad is good?

Thanks for reading my topic. Please if you have an PS4 DS4 controller and use Linux … the digital pad is really good as was in the PS2 DS2 controller ? is good for fighting games and doing twice for left and right (to run) in some games ? The digital pad pressure have good durability or using very much have problems not moving correctly player character needing more pressure to press each direction ?

the touchpad works in Linux with Retroarch ? if yes is possible use in NDS emulator ? PS4 DS4 controller works if using only wired connection ?

only need information about the quality of digital pad and if touchpad works in Linux with retroarch.

Have an nice week.

I have tested an PS4 DS4 controller. Only connect and is automatically enabled. Touchpad works as being an mouse pointer. Digital pad is good, but not exactly as was in NES, SNES and Genesis. However much better than PS3 DS3 digital pad.