Playstation Classic Keyboard Support?

First post, not seeing any topics for Playstation Classic. I’m trying to find a compatible USB keyboard for my DOS games. But Retroarch doesn’t detect anything in the Input menu for any wired keyboard I’ve tried. Everything is stock currently (no kernel flashes, no ExFat support, no Project Eris, etc). Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks

My setup: Playstation Classic 4-port Powered USB 3.0 Hub (Atolla) SanDisk 512GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive (FAT32) 8bitdo + PS4 DualShock Gamepad Various Nintendo Switch wired Gamepads Retroboot 1.1 / Retroarch 1.8.5 (not sure what the ideal versions are or how Retroboot and RetroArch decouple from each other)

Update: Installed the kernel payload from Project Eris 1.0. Now plugging in a keyboard makes Retroarch crash. It won’t boot until keyboards are disconnected. This is progress. So I’m giving Retroarch 1.9.0 (Retro Boot 1.1, no Project Eris) a try.

Restarted with a fresh 1.9.0 and keyboards work now … mostly. Some oddities, reproduced by 2 different keyboards, in various DOS programs (DOSBox-SVN): Tab doesn’t work, even when "nul"ed (default key for changing discs?) in cfg. “X” outputs ‘X’ followed by a space. Shift acts as ‘Enter’ and (Menu). And another key (Z / W / E?) would act as a backspace if held. I’ve messed with different input drivers but nothing changes. Any advice?

Turns out the cfg file has no respect for Game Mode, so you still have to nul things.Still can’t stop my Right Shift key from triggering the menu, and tab doesn’t work. Everything else seems to.