Please help me to set the frame rate and fasts forward

When I run heavy shaders, the frame rate is 48 fps, but when I run fast forward with heavy shaders, the frame rate is 300 fps. I want a way to solve this problem and get the most out of my phone.

Fast-forward does frameskipping by default, so the shader doesn’t have to touch every frame, hence the artificially boosted framerate :frowning:

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Thank you very much The problem was solved by enabling auto frameskip in Genesis gx core

An even better solution might be to use a less demanding shader which won’t max out your GPU but will look great while also allowing your game to be played at its full framerate without any frame skipping.

For example Sony Megatron Color Video Monitor, Zfast or GDV-MINI or one of the Mega Bezel Potato presets.

Depending on how powerful your device is you might even be able to run CRT-Royale.


I have uploaded a whole array of “light” shaders for cellphones, like

crt-consumer (junk tv look)
crt-beam (pvm look)
zfast-composite (crt-consumer light)
crt-sines (crt-geom rich clone - using lanczos etc)
gdv-mini (light GDV)
fake-geom (fast crt-geom clone)

etc etc. Mostly glsl but if there is any demand i will port them to slang

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