Poll Type behaviour - Late or Early

I’m not able to find a meaningful explanation for the difference in Poll Type Behaviour “Early” and “Late”.

The comment says:

  1. Early - Input polling is performed before the frame is processed

  2. Normal - Input polling is performed when polling is requested

  3. Late - Input polling is performed on first input state request per frame

Setting it to “Early” or “Late” can result is less latency, depending on your configuration.

Is this to be considered a per core setting, i.e. for one core it should be late and for another it should be early, or is this a system wide setting in which you put it either to late or early for all cores?

Can somebody give some more (technical) background on this?

Preferably on why “early” could potentially be better than normal, since “normal” (based on the description) seems to poll input later in the frame thus giving extended time for input to be registered, i.e. have lower latency and theoretically should always be preferred to “early”?

So why then does the description say that early may improve latency upon the “normal” setting?

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Not sure if it would be a difference per-core either. Nothing under settings is handled per-core, all parameters are global.

There hasn’t been any discrete testing on the feature. I think the description is inaccurate and speculative because we don’t know for sure. We’re talking milliseconds here.

Hi radius,

I’m interested in improvements, however small they may be.

If you think the current description is inaccurate, how would you preferably describe both options? And what is it more precisely that we don’t know for sure?

This is all so vague. Has there been a discussion somewhere on the topic, which can be referred to here?

Any new insights in this matter?

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