Port controls

I’m playing a game called “Star Wars:X-Wing” and in retroarch I’m having trouble using both my joystick and my mouse.

There is a “calibrate joystick” screen that shows up in the begining of the game but if my “port 1 controller” is mapped to port 1 only my mouse clicks work (which doesn’t calibrate my joystick) and my joystick doesn’t. I have to switch the mapped port from 1 to 2 for my joystick to work in the calibration screen but then my mouse doesn’t work so I have to switch it back afterwords in order for my joystick and my mouse to work (yes my joystick works when port 1 is mapped to 1 but not during joystick calibration).

Is there a way to get both the mouse and the joystick to work together without me having to juggle the settings? I don’t even know why the mouse and joystick work together except during the calibration screen.

I already answered this. I guess if placing the core in the title is difficult, this one is very complicated.

Again, simple and straightforward.

DOSBox PURE configures the gamepad automatically from a database if it recognizes the game, otherwise it randomizes the keys. This does not always produce good results.

Never select a Joystick in the Device Type quick menu, this is for some special games, 99% is not needed.

“CONTROLLER MAPPER” is never configured, it is not used at the moment.
If you have already configured this, you will always get the joystick calibration. Delete the game zip inside the save folder, or, delete the PADMAP.DBP file inside the zip.

To configure the gamepad you have to do the mapping…

Go to Quick Menu, Controls, Port X Controls, Device Type and select Custom Keyboard + Mouse on

Now assign the key you want for the gamepad button, in the manual you can see all the keys it has.

At the end you have to save in Manage Remap Files, Save Game Remap File.