Possibility for an OpenMSX port (authors are willing to help)


Love Libretro, thanks to everyone involved in making it so great :slightly_smiling_face:

OpenMSX is a very complete and accurate MSX (MSX2 / MSX2+ / MSXturboR) emulator, and still actively developed. In a number of ways it’s more accurate than BlueMSX (and fMSX).

As such I asked on the MSX.org forum whether the authors would be willing to create a (upstream) libretro core. The outcome is that they themselves cannot give priority to taking on such a project, but they’re more than willing to help out someone who could.

Here is the link to the MSX.org thread: OpenMSX ported as a libretro core, is there willingness to do so?

The OpenMSX github is here: https://github.com/openMSX

Hopefully somebody has in interest in creating an initial port of OpenMSX. As said the OpenMSX devs are willing to help out. I think I’ll not be alone if I say that an (upstream) OpenMSX libretro core would be really awesome!

Hi there,

I’d definitely like to see this happen.

We can either go to bounty funding finding a developer for this, or we can wait until I am done porting some of the other cores over right now (Daphne/Supermodel) that I am obligated to release. Once I have those done, I can commit to a new libretro core port.


Hi TwinAphex,

That is great news! For me it’s ok to wait until you’re done porting over some of the other cores. Very much looking forward to this! :smiley:

I posted this great news on the msx.org thread also.

http://openmsx.org/contact.html lists the best ways to contact the OpenMSX devs, they are expecting to collaborate with you on this. In the MSX forum I’ve mostly been talking with Manuel, one of the devs, he’s a great guy.

If there’s anything I could help with, just let me know!