Possible New Important Features

that’s the attitude!
I wonder, are you an only child or do you have several siblings?


I have 4 brothers (2 males and 2 females), with me gives 5 children…

Muito obrigado por concordar que é essa atitude! Pois é nós! :tada:

If you had been an only child, you can pass by accident, but now FIVE, that is evil and malice aforethought, they did it on purpose. Your procreators are unforgivable.

My brothers are not mean, they are good people like myself… Oh… Just like my dad…

Because I’m also a good person…

No one has said otherwise.

But being bad and being innocent are different things.

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Agree. But you can tell who is mean is the mother of my half-sister (as well as 2 other full brothers and 1 sister) who was my stepmother, as well as her friends, like the disgusting maid! Yes it can! Well, thank you! Thanks for everything! Hug!

But importantly, we will help from the work of emulator, as in the case of RetroArch to put in it the desired novelty, as I always say. Well, let’s collaborate from our service, OK!? Thanks! :+1:

But, I’m doing you a favor, if you write alone the forum will block you.

Done… But since I don’t want it to be blocked, let’s get to it. Because I don’t want to be writing alone on the forum to get blocked, I want all of us to join in my! And thank you so much for the favor… Because my topic is help for new features desired for RetroArch, as in my case of my gameplay, type between the Top Gear series and the Lotus series, and in the very near future I do gameplay of other cool series that I also like a lot. Hugs! :bird:

If you want to help RetroArch with new features, this is the right way to go.
I am not going to spend any more time with you.

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Thank you very much my great friend! See you forever and be at peace with God! :slight_smile:

For our help, I have no responsibility for this service “Libretro open source bounties”… Because in this open source service, follow in my place for desired news…

Access here: https://docs.libretro.com/development/bounties/ Here:

Here: And Here: https://bountysource.com/ And explain everything I’m asking for agreement on this topic.

Thank you!

People… I analyzed if it has Replay feature in the night version of RetroArch v1.16.0 and it does. But it just doesn’t appear on the menu, then you have to use keys… By the way, tomorrow I will test … And if it’s very good, thank you fente da Libretro. But otherwise, the complaint continues… Hugs… :bird:

People… Bad news… I tested Replay feature in the Nightly version of RetroArch v1.16.0 and it malfunctioned the same as the stable version of RetroArch v1.15.0… I knew I was going to give this problem! Drug! Is it because of the setup? People… Help me, because I want to do gameplays at once and only the clowning! Help me, please! :sob:

so you going to cheat your gameplays through ? :stuck_out_tongue:

i try it a last time to answer …

besides spamming what only brings the opposite of you goal and eventually banned :speak_no_evil:

a solution would be open up the retroarch menu while the game goes into a transition …between levels, when it shows black frames etc.
stop the recording make a savestate . and cut the things back together at the end so you can play the game in steps even when it don´t have a save feature / replay bards where something goes wrong :man_shrugging:

also just my opinion but using the rewind or replay feature in an any is kinda self betray …

but seriously i think nobody will go over this whole wall of text here with all the repeats and self answering/quoting …keep at simple and wait for an answer .

the stuff before just annoys , scares off or prevent the more “lazy” or busy ones to read this and help you at the end :grin:

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I’ll be waiting, from then on and have patience with waits until answers come! And another, I will not repeat anything more than even from what everyone already knows! Thanks! :bird:

Then don’t, retroarch is an open-source project made by hobbyists, they are not your laborers.

If you are unhappy with the features currently available, i’d recommend opening a feature request at https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues, then maybe rising a bounty at https://bountysource.com/ if you want developers to be interested.

I’ll close, this is neither the place nor the right attitude to make requests.