Possible New Important Features

Hello… 2 Following things I want you to add to RetroArch in v1.16.0:

Number 1: That adds back, Replay feature, but perfect, the same as BizHawk, where it starts from the same match that recorded in running Replay and that where it stopped in closing emulator, that continues with the same process as where it pearou from recent savestate;

And number 2: Add 3 Acorn compatibility for multisystem, such as: Archimedes, BBC Micro and Electron… By the way, in example that in Arculator, the floppy data (as nowadays it is virtual with a certain image format) can transfer to the virtual machine of the Arculator emulator, that happens the same thing, but by Arculator core that has and that exists this core in RetroArch of preferéncia, for example. For the following 3 new Acorn compatibility for RetroArch multisystem: Archimedes, BBC Micro and Electron: I ask that adds some new cores from the 3 compatibility of the Acorn…

Thank you very much!

Just a heads up… Until these 2 accessories arrive in RetroArch in version 1.16.0, perfect Replay type and 3 compatibility (type Archimedes, BBC Micro and Electron), I will not play with this emulator … Because it’s not blackmail, it’s just an attitude… Because I want to make gameplay right for me to watch everything that was played, and even follow this goal without getting busy…

If you happen to add all the important features such as Replay and cores of the 3 Acorn compatibility (such as Archimedes, BBC Micro and Electron) to RetroArch’s multisystem, I would appreciate it… Because I’m waiting…

But, RetroArch - LibRetro has a reward system, if you want something in particular, you want it with all your being, you can open a reward with a generous sum of dollars, maybe someone will be interested and do it.

We will miss you. :pleading_face:


dude … you know that the nightly already is on 1.16.0 so you are a bit late with this stuff anyways (but i like the approach here . i think i did the same to get the snes early as a child my parents sure loved it ) :wink:


So maybe I’ll wait with the coming of these new features that I want, but waiting for the future RetroArch v1.17.0… Thanks!

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How lucky you were, I once did that with a remote control car, I told them, “if they don’t buy me the car I’m not going to study anymore”, and today I still feel the pain of the slapping my mother gave me.

So, we are going to have one more version of you? how lucky we are.



lucky …:worried: hmmm i got the snes for this behavior but also never a game for it … :upside_down_face:

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If you give to get these desired new features soon of RetroArch in version 1.16.0, thank you… Because otherwise we have to eperar the news by the future version 1.17.0 … Incidentally… Have to say this to RetroArch developers… Speaking of which… Where do I find here on the internet, to talk to the desenvores by request of my desired news? Thank

Just for the reminders… The following my desired news for RetroArch are: Perfect replay as said and 3 for multisystem for RetroArch with several cores… Thank you

Because as I’m expecting the following desired novelty of RetroArch, because in addition to thanks, I will be very happy and enjoy with this emulator … Thank…

In a place about these news that I want in RetroArch, I will talk to developers to fulfill what I’m asking, whatever it is, enter Libretro’s official online, or live flesh and blood … Because if you can add my requests for news in RetroArch in version 1.16.0, so I’m lucky, I think better to have a chance for earlier this version of RetroArch. But if it has to be on hold to add in the possible future version 1.17.0 of RetroArch, no problem. And I want and will talk about this to solve the cituação to add desired news in RetroArch between v1.16.0 and v1.17.0, as always said being perfect Replay and 3 for multisystem by the various cores … For if you will help me from this service, I thank you very much… Are we going to get into the service? See you later!

geeez dude serious…ever heard something of patience , especially if you want something ? its starting to looking weird …

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I guess I don’t understand… But I think it’s good for everyone to collar with me, because as I’m asking the developer to put my desired novelty in RetroArch, I need many of them to make gameplays of favorite games, such as: Top Gear games and Lotus games. Although I impose the request for new functions desired in RetroArch for those who work, such as Perfect Replay that I request, because I only ask also 3 compaatibility (such as Archimedes, BBC Micro and Electron) with several cores of them for RetroArch, the main of 1 of the 3 compatibility is Archimedes, because it has one of the Lotus games (which is Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 from Krisali)… Well have compassion on me for my happiness in me doing gameplay, just like Lotus from Archimedes, while from other consoles… Grateful

The following compatibilities with several cores that currently exist, in RetroArch, as the Amiga, the Amiga CD32, Atari ST, DOS, Mega Drive and Super Nintendo that are with Top Gear games and Lotus games, because it only remains to add to RetroArch, the compatibility of Acorn, the Archimedes that has one of the Lotus games as said, like Archimedes which can include some cores, like Arculator core for example, which is one of the 3 compatibility of Acorn, like BBC Micro and Electron with its other cores, that this are the other 2 of the 3 compatibility of Acorn that I ask you to add also for anyone who wants to play in RetroArch, being like the BBC Micro and Electron, because I think for other players like everyone else… What did everyone think? Thank you! Hug!

As of gameplay agreement that only lacks a game with a compatibility, as Archimedes with its cores, with one of the Lotus games, because all these that I talked about here have: Amiga, Amiga CD32, Atari ST, DOS, Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, which are with the Top Gear games and the Lotus games, if you add compatibility of Acorn’s Archimedes in RetroArch, as well as others like BBC Micro and Electron also from Acorn, my work will be complete and as that I will put all these gameplay on YouTube, it can be worth money, that’s why I call it work… For we will all unite for our service to add all my desired news, or rather our desired news for anyone who wants, from us find in one place, or on the internet type on official website Libretto according to RetroArch, or live in the flesh … Let’s unite for our help!? Done! Thank you very much!

I have it on my pc, but I don’t share it. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I respect your case. OK? I’m with you! :+1:

People! Let’s help each other… For at least in my part that can be our part, for my part I am in the focus of Top Gear games and Lotus games for my gameplays, while in the perte of you are your part, we will unite for our part … Let’s join for our help for us to have access to everything by RetroArch emulator with 2 news like: Perfect replay as I always say to everyone, and 3 compatibility of Acorn for RetroArch multisystem like Archimedes, BBC Micro and Electron… It’s us! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

In what we will unite for our help, in addition to everything is for all of us to find the developers of RetroArch from Libretro, either as owner of the work, from the official website, or live in person flesh and blood. OK! We are together! :slight_smile: