Possible New Important Features for RetroArch version 1.6.0:

Hello… 2 Following things I want you to add to RetroArch in v1.16.0:

Number 1: That adds back, Replay feature, but perfect, the same as BizHawk, where it starts from the same match that recorded in running Replay and that where it stopped in closing emulator, that continues with the same process as where it pearou from recent savestate;

And number 2: Add 3 Acorn compatibility for multisystem, such as: Archimedes, BBC Micro and Electron… By the way, in example that in Arculator, the floppy data (as nowadays it is virtual with a certain image format) can transfer to the virtual machine of the Arculator emulator, that happens the same thing, but by Arculator core that has and that exists this core in RetroArch of preferéncia, for example. For the following 3 new Acorn compatibility for RetroArch multisystem: Archimedes, BBC Micro and Electron: I ask that adds some new cores from the 3 compatibility of the Acorn…

For more information for me to receive help to all of you according to all my requests for news desired by me about everything in this topic, go to:



Thank you very much!

People… I analyzed if it has Replay feature in the night version of RetroArch v1.16.0 and it does. But it just doesn’t appear on the menu, then you have to use keys… By the way, tomorrow I will test … And if it’s very good, thank you fente da Libretro. But otherwise, the complaint continues… Hugs… :bird:

People… Bad news… I tested Replay feature in the Nightly version of RetroArch v1.16.0 and it malfunctioned the same as the stable version of RetroArch v1.15.0… I knew I was going to give this problem! Drug! Is it because of the setup? People… Help me, because I want to do gameplays at once and only the clowning! Help me, please! :sob: