Possible to map an input from another joystick encoder?

I’m setting up the Inputs for Retroarch, and have things working really well on my old arcade cabinet using snes9x_libretro.so under Linux. Whoo hoo!

My one issue at the moment is that I’m trying to map a button from a secondary joystick encoder.

My cabinet looks like this:

I’m using it’s controllers, as opposed to a dpad type controller. It has two joystick encoders, one for each player in the control panel.

I’m trying to map the controls like this:

Note how the Player 1 start button is on the right side, which is connected to a different joystick encoder than all the other player 1 controls. When I’m mapping the controls for Player 1 through the Retroarch gui it doesn’t detect my button presses on that joystick encoder. So I can’t map P1 start.

Is there a way to tell it to use the input from a different joystick encoder?

I could conceivably re-wire that button so it uses the main joytsick encoder, but that would require remapping the controls in all my other emulators, which I’d rather not do if avoidable.

And by the way I don’t have much experience with SNES, so also let me know if my button mappings don’t look right to you. And I’d like to use Retroarch for a few other systems (Nestopia, Atari ST, maybe others) so any advice for setting up the inputs in a way that works for all is definitely invited.

Thanks for any advice.

yeah, can’t map across joysticks, unfortunately. It’s kinda roundabout, but you could use something like joy2key to map all of the joystick stuff to keyboard events and then do all of the retropad mapping for both players to those keyboard events.

Personally, I would probably swap the top and bottom buttons (i.e., B+A on the bottom, Y+X on top). L and R aren’t used very often in SNES games, but you may as well have one of them in the middle, i guess.

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Got it. I wound up just wiring that button into the first joystick encoder. Was easy enough to update the mapping in all my other emulators, and the solder was kind of sloppy and needing a fix anyway, ha.

That’s how I had it initially, but seems like the B and A buttons are the main two buttons in SNES? In other words, if a game only has two buttons, those are the two it uses, right? This cabinet mostly plays old 80s video games, and if they only have one or two buttons, those are the two they use (the top two).

Glad I’m getting over the learning curve hump of Retroarch. Now that I have things properly configured I was able to install Manic Mansion for NES in seconds, which is pretty amazing.

Now if I could just get Leisure Suit Larry for Atari ST up and running…

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I wound up switching my A and B buttons. For anyone else who comes this way, here’s the setup that seems to work well with a Mortal Kombat arcade control panel:

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