Possible to use rom files from SMB share on NVIDIA Shield?


I recently bought a shield device and was happy to see that libretro/retroarch is available for this system. Is it possible to scrape/use roms from an SMB share on a file server? This would make interfacing with my rom files much easier than having a copy on the device itself (or an attached storage).

Sure is. That’s what I do with mine.

That is excellent news! Do you mount your SMB share using the “standard” Shield UI? Does it automount the share on reboot?

Yeah, I just do it through the settings > storage menu down at the bottom of the home screen. Sometimes. Other times it loses it and I have to remount. Not a big deal, though.


I am using retroarch plus on my Nvidia shield tv, I have shared my roms folder on my Ubuntu laptop then from the Nvidia shield tv settings > storage I connected to my roms folder, but retroarch plus cannot see my shared roms folder. Can you suggest something else to try?

My roms path has no spaces, but the computer name uses -'s in replace of the space. Ex: my-computer-network should I change that to mycomputernetwork without the -'s or does that not matter?

If you’ve updated it to Android 11, I believe it is affected by Google’s “security feature” known as “scoped storage,” which prevents applications from accessing removable media.


I do remember reading about that. Do you know if they’re working on a fix or is that permanent?



I believe this issue is part of the android 11 update. I have found this article:

which explains how to downgrade the android 11 to android 9 there was no android 10 supposedly from that article.

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