Possible to use two keyboards with Flycast core?

I’d like to try playing two player Typing of the Dead using Flycast core. I can set both port 1 and port 2’s device type to keyboard, but I haven’t found any way to specify which keyboard each port is listening to. The “Device index” setting doesn’t seem to help here as it only lists gamepads that I have connected, and “Mouse index” strikes me as being intended for multiple mice, not keyboards. I’ve running RetroArch desktop on both macOS and Windows.

Is it presently possible to do this?

I don’t think Retroarch supports multiple keyboards at the moment.

I did some looking into it and that does appear to be correct. Given that RetroArch does support multiple mice, I idly wonder how hard it would be to hack this feature into it…

I have managed to implement multiple keyboard support to RetroArch for Windows and Flycast! I’ll see about making a pull request and whether the devs will accept my changes.

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I know this is kind of an old post but can you tell me how you got 2 keyboards to work properly with flycast and retroarch?

I have lakka running flycast on my raspberry pi 4 and I really would like to be able to play typing of the dead with another person and have it work correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately the changes I made to RetroArch are only for the Windows version (specifically the rawinput driver), so I’m afraid they won’t help you out on the raspberry pi. Someone else would have to add multiple keyboard support to one of the input drivers for the linux version of RetroArch.

Also, so far none of the work I’ve done has been merged into RetroArch. I made a pull request for the Windows changes I made supporting multiple keyboards, but it hasn’t received any attention in months. And I haven’t made a pull request to the flycast repo yet either since there’s no point until the first pull request gets merged into RetroArch.

I see.

Well that sucks, but thanks for taking the time to respond.

Is it possible you could upload a build with your changes somewhere for us to download?