Power Options for Windows users

Hi forum,

Naturally, big time fan of RetroArch and much gratitude to all those pouring their free time into developing it.

Hate to sound so cliche but after the thankful stuff comes the “but can I have this?” type question. However, I’m hardly expecting it to be done out of brotherly love. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bit of context: I’m a Windows user, been with Microsoft ecosystems since DOS days. Have a machine which I use as a retro box, have a 4:3 screen, 8bitdo pads, everything I could need. Machine uses RetroArch (XMB) as shell replacement for explorer. Windows branding on load screens is modified and changed, BIOS splash is changed, so it feels console like. I’m gonna paint the chassis soon to match the total theme of everything.


  • Is it possible to add / code in a Power Off function onto the main menu?
  • Is it possible to add / code in a Restart function onto the main menu?

I don’t mind if the options are hidden behind some Advanced Options feature or whatever. Having Windows as the backbone for everything works best for users like myself and I’m not interested in Lakka or exploring Linux based systems - I’m getting old and don’t have the fortitude to wrestle with a new OS.

As said, not expecting it out of brotherly love and would commission the work or donate an agreed figure. This is not to be snide and “buy my request” at the expense of others, more just that a persons time has value. No disrespect meant.


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To be fair, Lakka isn’t really something to be wrestled with - at least for me, it worked right out of the box, but hey, whatever floats your boat:wink: