PPSPP not responding

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but PSP roms freeze at the very beginning of the PPSPP Core launch or show the title of the core and then just show a darker white where the core name was with a lite white background, or roms just don’t load. If the PPSPP core goes further like NFS underground which i own also, it is all distorted sounds messed up and there’s code in the background. Now if I get the stand alone PPSPP roms work better, hows this make sense. does anyone have a solution for in rertoarch?

Thank You, God Bless and Be Safe :slight_smile:

Gran Turismo stuck when starting and in few seconds in loading screen with a black car in background (when loading save profile).

I dowloaded ppsspp but it crashed on opening and i deleted it and installed the dev working; it worked,however, games dont load. Games crash and i am sent to homescreen. Any idea to fix this?

i got this done with my help.