PPSSPP Core Problems (assets)

Hi, Could anybody help me with a PPSSPP core issue? I have been trying to get PPSSPP core working on an android device, i have the assets files placed in RetroArch/system/PPSSPP but still i get an instant crash on launching iso/cso. I have discovered that if you first load up the core… then use the online updater to re-download and re-install the assets.zip file the iso/cso will run fine (apart from missing text on save screens). It seems retroarch maybe doing something to assets on exit. I am trying to launch games directly from an emulator front end app known as arc browser so i need the psp iso/cso to launch instantly without having to redownload the assets files, any help is much appretated. Thanks

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Any update on this being fixed? Or is this mainly due to how the PPSSPP core behaves? seems trange that you have to re initialise the assets for the PPSSPP assets to be picked up in Retroarch.