PPSSPP Load State Crash

I am running an old Macbook Pro 2011, 16GB RAM, 2.3 Ghz i5 processor. I can’t expect much out of this baby, but I am curious about this. Kinda out of nowhere I began encountering consistently random crashes with the PPSSPP core whenever a save state is loaded. I am currently playing Star Ocean 2 Undub and for the first 10-15 hours or so there weren’t any problems, nor had I had any problems with any game I had tried playing on the PPSSPP core in the past, so I’m not quite sure what happened.

For starters, any save state made on the world map will result in a crash when trying to load, but no big deal, the world map is where you can make real save files (which save and load just fine). Everywhere else seems completely random, in some dungeons I have tested everything works fine, I can load a single state as many times as I please. In other areas, I can only get a single load out of a single state, and any subsequent attempts cause a crash. However, if I move the character slightly and make a new state, I can load that a single time as well. It is very strange. I did a few tests with some other ROMs and they seem to now follow the “single state, single load” principle now.

I guess I’m not really asking for a specific solution, as I tested the standalone PPSSPP and it didn’t have the same issues (although it does also sometimes crash upon loading a save state, just much less frequently than RetroArch), and its just an inconvenience. I just want to see if anyone has the same issue. Google tells me this issue is not terribly uncommon among users across multiple platforms, not just Apple OS but no discussion on it is recent. Thanks everyone!