PPSSPP & Vulkan (Live Long And Prosper)!

Hello you devilish devils :japanese_goblin:

I want to report an issue that has been arround for some quite an time, according to posts i have read at github…

Ppsspp, doesn’t play very nice with the vulkan renderer !! It works, the game boots in window mode… but as soon i got to exclusive AMD borderless fullscreen mode… RA can’t handle any more and crashes …!!

However, i thought by myself … EASY PEASY… Must be render issue… And yes, it wos that easy… :sweat_smile: So, duck switched to OpenGL… et voila… fullscreen gameplay garanteed :grin: :ok_hand:

I don’t expect an emediate fix…

Like the goodie 2 shoes i am, i just wanted to bring this forward… :relieved::point_up_2:

If any logs are needed… feel free to ask…

Cheers, TD

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This must be a an AMD related issue, I have no trouble running the PPSSPP core with vulkan in fullscreen.

Very unlikely… Because , i have tried out ppsspp 1.14 for windowsx64 → Stand Alone … to find out if it has an similar issues…

And the Vulkan Render settings in there are doing just GREAT in window mode and fullscreen aswell… :wink: :ok_hand:

So, it must be corebuild related issue !!

Cheers, TD

Cores are always a little behind the standalones, so perhaps you’re right. Did you report this issue here? https://github.com/RobLoach/libretro-ppsspp

So i have found out (the hard way!) , and no haven’t create → YET another issue regarding that.
Since, an similar issue is still open and pending for investigation…

It’s senseless / pointless to create doubble threads/issues about the same subject anyway…

But since its happening in RA, and i didn’t find any posts/threads arround here regarding this issue. I created this thread as confirmation, that this is still an issue in ppsspp core :confounded:!!

cheers, TD