Pressure Sensitive buttons on PCSX2 Core

Alright so, last night, i was enjoying Silent Hill 2 on PCSX2 and, well, honestly i didn’t know that PS2 back then also had pressure sensitive face buttons, i found out when i finally managed to grab “The Great Knife” in Pyramid Head’s lair and, well,

in an actual PS2 when you press the cross button not hard enough, james only swings that heavy swordy thing from left to right or visa versa, but when you press the cross button hard enough, james (The Silent Hill 2 Character) would take it as a heavy hit and swing that heavy knife from his overhead

However, no matter if i use the standalone PCSX2 or it’s core in RetroArch, it only registers my face button as hardly pressed and i, honestly found nothing on the internet for a proper solution

I wanted to kill a monster with the great knife with the swing method but, i can do nothing about that and i can only do a heavy hit and by then i’m just getting killed cause that move isn’t fast enough. so, yeah my first question is, i’m using an 8BitDo Pro Controller, does it support pressure sensitive buttons and if not, what type of controller would support such function so i would get the right controller for the job

And my second question is, is there a proper way so, u can actually emulate presure sensitive face buttons on PCSX2 wether in RetroArch or the Standalone version of the emulator

Not possible in RA even with the controller that has the ability (DualShock 3). And that at least used to be possible with ScpToolkit + modified XInput1_3.dll for PCSX2.

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hmmm, yes i have few PS3 Controllers laying around, hope it works, otherwise i need to take out my old PS2 from, oh, wait, no it’s broken i can’t use it


Alright so, i’ve managed to finally make this working with ScpToolkit which is a custom plugin for PCSX2 and aldo PS3 Controller drivers for Windows It was a bit messy but i finally managed to get it work and now i have pressure sensitive face buttons

However i wished that i could’ve done this with other gamepads such as an 8BitDo or even a DualShock 4 controller cause, well, first thing first, there’s some hassle if u would wanna connect your PS3 Controller via Bluetooth to your PC and, even if u manage to do that, your Bluetooth dongle would no longer works for any other peripherals on your PC so you would need to own a seporate dongle in order to do so, that leaves you limited to have only a wired connection

And seccond reason is, well, there are far better quality controllers these days, i’ve got kinda used to a DualShock 4 or my own 8BitDo Pro 2 Controller which are way better quality wise than an actual PS3 Controller, which, mine starting to get degrated in some degree, my Start and Select won’t work in one of them and the other starting doing the same, and the analog sticks starting to get drifty most of the time, In overall, PS3 Controllers are, how should i say it, not the best quality controllers Sony has made and, plus, they starting to get less available except if u want to get a used one and even when u managed to find one with a fair price, you’d still need to repair it after awhile so, yeah i mean,
In general, DualShock 3 sucks bad i own an XBOX 360 and despite i only had 1 Controller in my life, it’s still working just like i bought it for the first time, all the buttons are working great, the battery is still holding great, the Analog sticks are not drifting, never were.

So, yeah, i mean, isn’t there any other option other than using a SIXAXIS or a DS3 ? I guess not :frowning:

Oh, and, i need to mention that, u only be able to do this in the Standalone Version of the PCSX2 Emulator i couldn’t find any way so u would apply these in a RetroArch core so, yeah u also need to be adcised about this But, well, who knows, maybe in near future devs would implement some way to tackle with this issue and, well, only few games requires Pressure Sensitive buttons such as Meta; Gear 3, Silent Hill 2, and few others so, not all of game would need such function so u shouldn’t have to be worried about this