Problem running dsk files with blueMSX core

Hi all, I’m using a pretty recent build of RetroArch 32-bit for Android (*_ra32.apk), along with the blueMSX core for my Android Shield TV.

I’m trying to run a .dsk file but haven’t had any luck. When I launch the file, I see the boot screen, then it flashes and I end up in MSX Basic.

The file is good because I can run it in standalone BlueMSX on Windows. Also, I followed the instructions here to have the Databases and Machines dirs in RetroArch’s system dir: I also tried putting the BIOS files (MSX.rom, MSX2.rom, etc.) directly in the system dir but it made no difference.

.rom files work fine with this core. Only dsk’s are giving me trouble.

Any idea what the problem could be or where I could find some logs to diagnose this further?

Info: RetroArch git version: d84dfee
RetroArch build date: Nov 13 2019
blueMSX core: Not sure which version but the timestamp of the core ( says Nov 17 2019.
Android version: 8.0.0

Meanwhile I found this thread: BlueMSX dsk support?

It seems back in 2016 the libretro MSX cores didn’t support dsk files (floppies), and it doesn’t look like this has changed. The suggestion in the thread to convert to rom with dsk2rom won’t work for me as I need to save and load data from one dsk to another in a multi-dsk game I want to play, and I can’t do that with a rom.

Maybe I’ll look into doing the necessary changes myself. I code C/C++ for embedded systems professionally and I’m interested to see how this stuff works. Maybe during the Holidays…