Problem to launch atari 2600 games

also on the new 1.77 official release…

Any news from anyone ?

we’ve been busy with the release. We’ll try to investigate this issue now that the release is out.


I probe this ver. and work amazing, thk man for the core. :slight_smile:

Latest nightly build 10/05, still the same on Win7, 64bit.

Black screen for less the a second then exit…

Working on on android OK only when multi threaded rendering is on

The same…

Try msbuild.

Works perfect!

Strange the official version don’t work…


Also much smaller in size probably running faster,

How can I download more cores for testing ?

master only, -5 commits

funbars super build, minus runahead fix

  1. Fork stella project

  2. Create account at Login with github.

  • Add new project Stella.
  1. Create ‘appveyor.yml’ in Stella project
- Visual Studio 2017

  - Configuration: Release
    Platform: Win32

  - Configuration: Release
    Platform: x64

  - msbuild src\libretro

  - path: '**\*libretro.dll'
  1. Hopefully trigger auto-builds in account.
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Latest official Stella core with 1.7.7 still crashes under Win7/64

Is that the appveyor build or the one from the buildbot. It sounds like people are having better luck with the appveyor one, so there may be a compiler issue on our buildbot.

From the buildbot…

Ok, try funbars’ appveyor build and see if it treats you any better. If so, let us know and that will be a pretty good indication that we have something wrong on our end.

Hi, I can confirm that the Stella appveyor build works in Retroarch1.7.7 Win10 64bits. It’s of a different size than the official one, which was downloaded and does not work.

I hope this info helps.

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Which appveyor link(s) are working? Important.

Please try also. Slow build times.

Followed the instructions that start with “Fork stella project” a few posts before. I’ll see if I can try the other two today.

Both work for me on win10 x64

Fork stella project = msbuild master. That’s good news.

Only need to try 1/2 links. They are msvc make, buildbot style.

And to confirm, both these fail?

Posts in moderation. Hehe.

Final mingw test (not buildbot)