Problem using PS4 controller in RetroArch on PC

I’m trying to use my PS4 controller in RetroArch with no success. The controller works fine to scroll the menus but when I load into a game the controller functions get weird. I can use the directional pad to move the character but the “x” button pauses the game and the “o” button fast forwards the game. All other buttons have no functions, apart from pressing “options” button twice closes the game. ReroArch recognizes the controller and is configured to port 1. I’ve tampered with xiinput and diinput in drivers menu and noticed no changes. If someone out there is using a ps4 controller in ReroArch with success please let me know how you did it. Thanks

That sounds like something may be intercepting your gamepad events and translating them into keyboard events. Steam is a common culprit.

Also, I believe people usually use something like DS4Windows to make the pad show up as a standard xinput pad.

Thank you for the advice! Steam is definitely the problem. I couldn’t completely figure out how to get steam to leave my controller alone but I found an option in steam settings to disable controller configuration and that allowed me to use my controller in RetroArch. The only problem now is I have to leave the controller plugged into my pc via usb cable while using it or else it won’t work in RetroArch. I’ll look into downloading DS4Windows and see if that helps.

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