Problem v sync mame core current?

hello all, sorry for my english ( i’m using google translate). With the mame core updated to version 0.257 I found two games showing problems. the games are wonder boy and neo turf master and my problem is slight v sync problem. This problem didn’t exist with mame 0.251 . I tried all the available options to no avail. No problem with the fbneo core? The problem isn’t serious but scrolling isn’t perfect. Thanks to those who will help me

If your monitor doesn’t support variable refresh rate (gsync, freesync, …), then crt games usually won’t run at the same refresh rate as your monitor, and this might cause the imperfect scrolling you are talking about.

Enabling Settings > Video > Synchronization > Sync to Exact Content Framerate is recommended to ensure the game is running at the original refresh rate, hence at the original speed, but it can cause further discrepancies between the game’s refresh rate and your monitor’s refresh rate. So disabling it and running the game at the wrong speed might be for the best sometimes to avoid this (if variable refresh rate isn’t supported).

Note that FBNeo has an alternative in core options called “Force 60Hz”, it tries to match the game’s content with your monitor’s refresh rate. I’m not entirely sure MAME has something similar.

Having Integer Scaling disabled can also cause non-smooth scrolling.

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Hi. I tried your suggestion but to no avail. then I did another test, I downloaded retroarch and redid the initial configurations and luckily the problems seem to have been solved. I probably had changed some settings. thanks , it doesn’t look so bad mame current core…