Problem when installing PPA


A problem when installing by console with the command “sudo apt-get install retroarch * libretro- *” “libreto” selects “gnome-games-app” instead of “libretro-frontend” “gnome-games-app” installs “tracker” and this is a problem.

Tracker is a Gnome technology for indexing content that gives more problems than solutions, and is disabled by default in Ubuntu.


which package is it, exactly, that requires it?


Terminal: Nota, seleccionando «gnome-games-app» en lugar de «libretro-frontend»

Excuse the Spanish.


Oh, I see. Since gnome-games-app is a libretro frontend (unrelated to us) and that’s listed in the package’s description, libretro-* is picking it up…

So, it’s not actually required by anything, as far as I know, and you can safely uninstall it, you just won’t be able to install all of the cores in bulk using the wildcard.


Yes, I have already installed them using Synaptic.

Try to locate “libretro-frontend” that does not exist. But it’s still a problem for anyone trying to install everything, “Tracker” is really bad.

$ apt-cache search libretro-frontend
gnome-games-app - Game browser and launcher for GNOME

My point is: it’s not something we’ve done and it’s not something we can fix because it’s not our program, so we can’t change its description. The best we can do is stop suggesting people install libretro-*.


PPA’s, AUR and other software packagers are not directly maintained by any of retroarch’s team

snap and (the other universal format i forgot) probably @hunterk knows


Ok, I understand, I thought it was part of the script.

Is there any way to ignore that package? Install libreto- * but ignore libretro-frontend


I got that way sudo apt install 'libretro-[^frontend]*' Install everything and ignore that frontend.

It can also be sudo apt install 'libretro-[^f]*' Avoid installing everything that starts with F, but if some day there is a core with F it will ignore it. It can be [^ fr] or [^ front]

In the line sudo apt-get install retroarch * libretro- * does not need to include retroarch, because libretro does installation of all retroarch.


The PPA is maintained by radius (and I think by hunterk). Flatpak is official and created by libretro. And the Snap created by hunterk.


huh since when?..


I don’t know, since I’ve known him.


it’s maintained by @sergio-br2, and his last statement said he don’t have time to keep up to date with new cores (Libretro PPA for Ubuntu)


True. I got confused with the name. It is currently updated by the user Libretro “team”


libretro-frontend is a virtual package provided by gnome-games-app.

This issue can be fixed by making the package retroarch also provide the virtual package.