Problem with recognizing the right controllers and profiles

I use 2 controllers regularly. One is a DS4 and the other is a a 8bitdo Arcade Stick. Until recently Retroarch had no problems in recognizing the right controller and assigning the default profiles.

Some weeks ago, I played Sunset Riders (FB Neo), and had to disable port 1 controls and assign the arcade stick to port 3 so I could play with the 3rd characters.

Ever since then, Retroarch never worked again properly. The DS4 only works through DS4 windows, and retroarch recognizes 2 controllers “wireless controller” and “xbox 360 controller”, this was never a problem before, because it would always assign the “xbox controller” to port 1. Not it does assign the “wireless” controller, which doesn’t work, and I have to change the controller and remap every time I want to play (loading the controller profile just doesn’t work). If I turn off DS4 windows, it just recognizes the “wireless controller”, and it just doesn’t work.

And ever since I did that thing with Sunset Riders, If I start retroarch with the arcade stick, it gets detected, but the player 1 port is disabled. I have to enable it every single time, and remap the controls. I load the controller profile, but it also doesn’t change anything.

I have in the settings the autoconfig/plug and play on.

Hmm, i don’t know why changing the mapped port would cause these issues, but nevertheless, you could backup your retroarch.cfg and ‘config’ directory, then open your retroarch.cfg with a text editor and delete all of the lines that start with “input_” to get it back to default values and see if that treats you any better.

You might also dry changing you gamepad/controller driver in settings > driver and see if xinput or dinput does any better.

I kinda solved it by checking the “hide ds4” option on DS4 windows.

Still, weirdly, if I don’t use DS4 windows, the controller gets recognized as “wireless controller” and not “dualshock 4”, and has some different buttons doing the same thing.

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It sounds like since you changed the controller settings in RetroArch to play Sunset Riders, the program has been having difficulty recognizing your controllers and assigning the correct default profiles.

One possible solution could be to delete the RetroArch controller config files and let RetroArch to generate new ones. On Windows, the location of the config files are usually in: “C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch\autoconfig”

Another possibility is that the problem is caused by the way in which the controllers are being recognized by the operating system. You can try uninstalling the DS4 Windows and any other third-party controller management software that may be running, and see if that resolves the problem.

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