Problem with Retroarch on Anbernic handheld

Hi, I hope someone can help me here, and I apologize if I’m posting this in the wrong place.

I just got the Anbernic rg35xx plus, and have been using retroarch’s frontend and the emulators that Anbernic included. Everything was perfect until 3 days ago. Now, when I start retroarch, I get a message stating “Deeplay-keys 1/1 not configured”, and things get weird. I don’t know what deeplay-keys is, but I’m pretty sure it deals with the input mapping.

The menu button and d-pad work, but no other buttons work. If I load a core and content from Anbernic’s menu, I can open the quick menu in retroarch and close it, and I can scroll up and down the menu and even select sub-menus from the main menu if I start retroarch with no core or content loaded, but cannot access any specific settings or play any games. I have to cycle the power to exit since I can’t even select close retroarch.

The buttons work just fine outside of retroarch. I suspect that I broke something when I hit the wrong button and accidentally saved some overrides for cores, content, and controllers, but I have no idea how to undo whatever it is that I did!

I’ve used the reset retroarch.cfg command in Anbernic’s settings menu, and everything I had changed in retroarch including core associations, menu color, and even what menus can be seen have all reverted to default, but the deeplay-keys message has not gone away. That message is not an error message, it shows in green with a check mark, which is why I think it’s a config override issue.

I’m completely new to retroarch, so if anyone can help, please explain to me like I’m 5 years old or something. I’m also sorry for how long this post is. I wanted to include as much info here as I could.

I’ve been looking all over the net for a forum specific to the rg35xx plus, but all I’ve found is Reddit, and that’s… I’ll try and be nice and call it “less than helpful.” What I’ve seen here looks like a great community of gamers trying to help each other, so I’m really hoping someone here can help me with this. Thanks!

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Having this exact same issue with my brand new RG35XX Plus (firmware V1.20231108).

Every time I start Retroarch in standalone mode from the Stock OS Settings menu, RA opens and a green notification banner appears in the bottom left corner of the screen that reads:

:heavy_check_mark: Deeplay-keys (1/1) not configured

None of the buttons work within RA, with the d-pad being the only input not affected. The only way to quit RA is to either cycle the power, hit the reset button or press menu + start. Connecting a Bluetooth controller presents the same issues.

I can’t think of an inciting incident that set this off, and while I’m by no means an RA expert, I’m familiar enough to not mess with random input settings just for fun.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yep! Same here! All of a sudden it’s in Chinese while displaying the same “Deeplay-keys 1/1” but with some chinese characters following rather than “not configured” tho I’m sure those Chinese figures say something similar. It is beyond frustrating, cos I was literally just enjoying playing Crash Bandicoot 1. Went to load up an external PS1 game (Tony Hawk 2) & got met with all the Chinese along with the “deeplay-keys 1/1” message overlay & then none of the buttons worked though the game loaded fine.

Welp, fixed mine by scrolling to settings & hitting the “Reset Retroarch.cfg” which seems to have solved my issues for now.