Problem With Retroarch Shaders

Alright I did a post similar to this but nobody replied and I’m having some trouble finding help on this issue, plus I’m wondering if anybody else has a problem with this. So here’s a better explanation with video examples. I like to run games on D3D drivers because Opengl or just gl has this weird tearing issue in scrolling games like SMB3. Vsync doesn’t work, but that’s not the issue. I like using the Crt shader for Nes games and LCD shader for GBA games. The problem is that once I save the shader config then close the game then open it up again, it’s saved in the shader folder, but it’s not preloaded onto the game, and I’m using the D3D driver. This hasn’t happened on Opengl, and this goes for GBA since it’s always using the Crt shader when I want to use the LCD shader. For example, I want to hide that light yellow line on the left side on the title screen:

then with my preferred driver:

See it doesn’t preload the shader changes when I want it to even though I selected save for this game only, this never happened on older versions of Retroarch. So I hope I’m not the only one with this issue and hopefully get a solution to this problem. Is this some kind of glitch? I don’t know. Anyway hope this info helps.

Did you have any core presets set with other shader types? There’s a sort-of-bug where, if you set a core preset with one shader type and then switch over to a different shader type and save another core preset with it for the same core, the original preset doesn’t get overwritten (that is, they both are there) and it continues trying to load the original one.

Could that be happening here? If you start from a completely fresh installation, does the behavior persist?

I’ve only saved core presets with Nes and gba, with the exception of that modified shader with SMB3. When I open up a gba game after I saved the core as an lcd shader, it’ll always display the crt shader for Nes, and yes I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Retroarch a couple of times and the problem is still there. Should I start saving these shaders as game presets?

I’m having trouble getting core presets to work with dx11, as well. I have someone else that says he can test this evening, so I’ll wait to hear back from him.

Thanks. Let me know what you got.