Problems opening 'some' games over network

I’ve got 2 Windows PCs, one with an external hard drive that has all my games on it. I connected these PC’s via a single ethernet cable, and installed RetroArch on its own on the 2nd PC.

I mapped the external Hard Drive from PC 1 to the X:\ on PC 2. This let’s me navigate, copy, paste, etc while on I’m on the 2nd PC. Retroarch is able to see the folders in there, including my games all on the X:\ - so far so good.

  • I was able to open Tomb Raider 2.chd with Beetle PSX
  • I was able to open Chrono with BNES
  • I can’t open with FCEUMM
  • I can’t open Sonic with Genesis Plus GX

I can’t explain/understand why Chrono Trigger is able to open, but not Sonic 2 or Castlevania. Both these games give me a “content failed to extract from compressed folder” message, but not Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Trigger is obviously MUCH larger than Castlevania, so it’s not a size issue. Which I feel like is also ruled out by Tomb Raider.chd coming across without issue, given it’s size in relation to all of them.

They are all .zip, so I don’t know where to go from here. I can’t just uncompress everything, because on top of how much space that would take I would also have to completely rebuild my LaunchBox setup and omg I am so not into doing that for the 3rd time.

Please help. I almost have my setup exactly how I want it. At least for now Chrono Trigger works, eh? lol

Hmm, my first guess was that the unzipping+load was failing on needs_fullpath cores, of which genplusgx is one, but FCEUmm is not… Do you have a ‘cache’ directory set up in settings > directory?

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Man, that was right on the money! I didn’t have any cache directory set, but as soon as I set it to one (went with C:\TempDir) all those titles started loading perfectly. I was starting to try and look at what compression methods my zip files were in after reading about LMZA and DEFLATE and stuff, but nope… just a cache directory lol

Much appreciated, thank you!!

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