Problems with neogeo roms

Hello I am kind of new to all this. I have been trying for a long time to get neogeo roms to work and not having much luck. I have downloaded a few different versions of final fight but no luck can someone upload a picture of their roms folder to see if I am doing anything wrong thanks.

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Do you have the Neo Geo Bios in the System Folder?

Need to be in MAME and/or FBNEO folde4

In the first place, final fight is not a neogeo game. Pick the right romset for the emulator you are using, instead of downloading random romset on internet, and it’ll work.


I’m confused what is final fight for as I downloaded a neogeo romset and there is final fight 1.2&3. I did download a seperate final fight rom and it works with mame 2000 in retroarch. But the neogeo romset I’ve downloaded won’t work and they seem to be exactly the same in the zip files. And I have done the same with double dragon and It has work but the files are identical.

You’ll need to learn how work arcade emulators, downloading random roms won’t get you anywhere (you might have luck on a few romsets but you’ll most likely have issues with most games and won’t understand why), reading might be a good start.

PS : Again, Final Fight are not neogeo games, the first is a cps1 game, i’m not sure about the 2 others (i thought they were snes-only games).

Ok. I have this cps1 romset here.

And in the second picture is Street fight 2 rom I have tried it with all fba, neogeo and mame cores but it will still not play and that goes for all of the games is there even a way of telling which core these roms should be used with. And also I’ve been looking up mame 2003 romsets and I am not having much luck

Arcade emulation, particularly through MAME is very different than emulating a console. Where with emulating something like the NES, where you have the emulator and it loads the roms - MAME has a lot more factors involved. The version of the MAME emulator you are using is important because the roms have their own versions and the two have to match. On top of that there are factors like ‘merged’ ‘non-merged’ or ‘split’ type roms and that can dictate alot about which region/clone rom you have access to. Then a lot of things depend on what arcade board you are emulating etc etc.

PERSONALLY, I’ve all but given up on MAME myself. It’s certainly do-able, but I found FinalBurnAlpha (Now FinalBurnNeo) to be much, much MUCH easier to use. It still has some rom version quirks, and it can’t run ‘all’ the games MAME can… but it’s a lot easier to use IMO. Particularly for Neo Geo games.

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@Amaralla after you finish reading the arcade romset guide, your next step is probably to learn how to use clrmamepro which will allow you to verify your romsets using dats like this one (for FBNeo)

Is it possible with RetroArch emulator to install different core/code how it’s the real name I don’t know to support playing NeoGeo ROMs and MAME ROMs, same emulator different type of retro games?

It’s easier to get a rom set for your preferred arcade core. I think people get confused because Neo Geo roms are treated the same as the other arcades, Neo Geo Roms require bios files, which i usually, but I have seen a set where some of the bios files are included in the rom zip file. If you find a Neo Geo AES or Neo Geo MVS rom set look into the info to see if its for FBNeo or MAME.

Remember MAME has versions that may not be compatible with one another. So if a rom set is a MAME 2015 then run it with a MAME 2015 core.

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I use Final burn neo and final burn alpha cores on retroarch and they both seem to load recent mame romsets! Although I recommend using final burn neo romset instead.

Neogeo is a different machine, Final Fight was released for Capcom Play System therefore you need an emulator for Capcom play system aka CPSI or CPSII or CPSIII your best option are mame core in retroarch then you need to pick the right romset for the mame core you’re using, if it’s mame 2000 then look for mame 2000 romset.