Problems with ParaLLEl & Vulkan


So, after looking at some gameplay of ParaLLEl, i was really impressed with how accurate it looked and i decided to try it out myself. I changed the Video driver to Vulkan- No problems with Retroarch itself, unlike what other people have documented. So i go to load ParaLLEl and play Zelda: Ocarina of Time- And it crashes. So i go and update my Nvidia drivers- My GeForce Experience app was outdated and therefore thought and old version was up-to-date- I updated it, then my drivers to 382.53. Again- No problems with Retroarch itself, but ParaLLEl crashes as soon as i launch it. I’ve gone through most relevant settings (Mainly Driver and Video, and some Audio) but nothing looks to work. If anyone else has either had this issue and solved it, or has an idea of what it could be, please do tell me. I’ll try other games- i was trying OoT 1.0, maybe 1.1/2 will work, or maybe Mario 64- But i doubt the game is a problem. Help out a guy who wants an authentic N64 experience? Thanks in advance! -Zelkia


First off, the core needs the ParaLLEl/vulkan RDP and the cxd4/LLE RSP, so with a game loaded, make those changes and then ‘close content’ from the quick menu.

Next, go over to settings > driver and change your video driver to ‘vulkan’. Then, close retroarch, reopen it and then go back to settings > driver and make sure it’s still vulkan. If so, go try to fire up ParaLLEl-N64 with a game and see if it treats you any better.

If it still crashes, get us a log and we’ll take a look.


With ParaLLEl’s standard config (which is both plugins values set to “auto”), why not simply let ParaLLEl make these settings according to what has been set in “Settings->Driver->Video Driver” to support Vulkan with ParaLLEl out of the box?


This clearly is a UX issue, which could be improved very easily. As RetroArch is split into a lot of projects (cores, libretro etc.) I don’t know where to suggest this exactly, so any help in getting the dev’s attention to this would be great.


@hunterk where can I raise attention to this UX issue?


You can make it at the core’s repo: