Problems with Resident Evil 2 on N64


having issues with resident evil 2 for n46. whatever core I use, an element of the game doesn’t work. if use parallel, for example, the full motion video segments are instead black screens (even the eye on the title screen) but if I use Mupen64 Gles2, the FMV’s work but at the expense of the in-game background and the opening segment (which starts with the zombie from resident evil 1) which are completely black. I’m not sure if it’s something with my device (moto z force 2016) or if it’s something with the cores themselves. but is there some way I can rectify these issues? thanks

Update: after further tinkering, I managed to fix my earlier issue using the angrylion plugin, but now for some reason, it seems the framerate is operating at half it’s original speed, any ideas as to how to fix it? thanks


Angrylion is super-slow but super-accurate. Can you try the new mupen64plus-next core?