Problems with the correct display (BEETLE PSX HW)

Hi. I have a problem setting the graphics on PSX. When using GL, Dino Crisis 2 looks like this -


When using Vulkan it no longer appears, but for example in Crash Bandicoot 3 there is something wrong with the shadow -


In addition, after the last update (RetroArch and/or NVIDIA drivers) also Spyro began to display incorrectly with PGXP enabled -


What is strange to me is that when Vulkan is selected, no resolution is displayed -


My settings are like in this video - Crash Bandicoot 3, I only have the software framebuffer enabled so that the BIOS will display correctly. I also have a similar computer to the person posting the video (I5 3470, 8GB RAM, GTX 750 2GB, 250GB SSD, WIN10), and I will get random sound stuttering and fps drops that will soon return to normal. I have already tried most settings, reinstalled the program, changed the power mode to “high performance”, updated drivers and nothing. Could someone help me?


Thanks to this post I no longer have problems with sound and fps drops.

#edit 2

I found this topic, maybe this is the solution. Only someone has to explain to me how to do it?