PS Vita Fuse core missing - device type setting

Hi, The Fuse core in the build of retroarch for psvita is missing the option to change the device type. I have the latest build as of today On PC and other handheld builds this is accessed through the following: select the quickmenu Settings Input Port 1 Controls ( or any other port control used) Device Type. This give the user the option to set the device type to say Kempston Joystick or Keyboard, but the option is not listed on the vita build. It’s usually the first option under Port1 controls and followed by Analog to digital Type, but on the vita build it’s just not there and Analog to Digital is first in the list.

Any help with this would be great Cheers A

SOLVED The option exists under quick menu> Controls when the fuse core is running :slight_smile:

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