PS Vita RetroArch (1.9.8): Unable to Host games. How to solve?


I installed RetroArch 1.9.7 and then updated it to 1.9.8 on my PS Vita 1000 (Ensō 3.60). On both versions, I’m able to join games, but I’m never able to host them. I’ve tried to host different 90’s Arcade games using FB Alpha 2012 and FB Neo cores, but I always see the same message:

Failed to Initialize Netplay.

I’m able to host the said games using different devices (Windows 10 desktop PC, Windows 10 tablet PC and Android Smartphone), but sadly it doesn’t work with the PS Vita, even if I’m using the very same network as these devices.

I did a Google search about this problem and I found an old thread on GitHub, which apparently only fixed it for a specific old version of the APK.

That said, how can this issue be solved? Is the RetroArch’s development still active for the PS Vita?

I look forward for an answer. Thank you.