PS1 Beetle psx

I want to give Beetle PSX a try but I am having difficulty. Most of my files are .bin format. I have installed the core, loaded the BIOSes into the system folder, but when I check the various games they have no core associated and I can’t set Beetle PSX HW as the core. I have to set SwanStation. This doesn’t have the options that Beetle does. I tried renaming a couple files to .cue but after scanning and rescanning the directory it still says they are .Bin.

Do I have to do something else to them to get them into a format the beetle core can read?

Beetle-psx can only load CUE sheets, which are like a table of contents that tell the emulator where to look for the information on the disc image (i.e., the BIN file). Luckily, the CUE doesn’t contain any copyrighted information, so you can just go over to and download a new cue to match your bin.