PS1 controller not completely recognized



Hi! I connected a PS1 controller to my pc with an USB adapter, RetroArch recognizes it but not all buttons work. While I was in “User 1 Bind” tab I noticed that the “Cross”, “Square” and “Circle” buttons don’t work. All the other buttons work. I also tried with another PS1 controller but I get the same error. Both controllers work on oringinal PS1 console. Then I tried with jstest-gtk application, and it also doesn’t recognize these three buttons! Why? :frowning: How can I solve the problem? I use Linux Mint 19.1 MATE, Kernel Linux 4.15.0-46-generic x86_64

Update: I discovered that I’m not alone: :frowning:


Yeah, I’m afraid that’s something that will need to be fixed upstream.