PS1 - How to Switch Discs M3U Format Not Working

I read that using the M3U format will automatically switch discs, but that does not seem to be working. I am play Metal Gear Solid, and I got the the part where it tells me to switch discs, however I am not stuck on that screen. I tried messing around with the Disk Control, but that does not seem to do anything.

you need to do this step-by-step (unless you had "Pause when menu activated to OFF). eject disk, return to game, switch disk and insert, return back to game

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Thank you so much! It worked like a charm. One last question, should i boot from disc 2 from how on?

im not sure how multidisk in m3u works actually, havent had to to test a game that has 2 or more disk. its probably safer to continue using the m3u file, and just switch disk when game asks you to.