PS2 “play” core path

Please can someone explain or tell me what is the ps2 “Play” core executable path within retroarch? I’m wanting to put in Hyper HQ


I don’t know what Hyper HQ is and can’t provide support for it.

HyperSpin/HQ etc isn’t a thing that’s really supported on the forums here. I’d recommend checking out the HyperSpin forums for more info regarding that software suit. However, I just so happen to use some of those tools in my own build, though I primarily supplement with RocketLauncher.

If I understand right though you are just looking for the file-path to the actual core file for ‘Play!’? If that’s the case it’s usually located in …/RetroArch/cores/play_libretro.dll

I might have the name of the play core incorrect, as I haven’t played around with that enough. I hope that points you in the right direction though.