[PS2] Random issues with Retroarch v1.15.0

Hello all. First of all thanks to the devs for keeping the PlayStation 2 port of RetroArch updated, much appreciated.

I’ve been using it lately and these are some issues that I’ve encountered while using the recently released version v1.15.0. Since this is such a niche port I didn’t want to post bug reports but I would like to mention them in case some fix is obvious to the RA developers (or PS2 developer in charge of this port):

  1. Taking screenshots currently doesn’t work in RetroArch-PS2 releases after v1.10.3.
  2. NXEngine (Cave Story) loads and shows the intro scene but Retroarch exits to OSD after selecting ‘New Game’.
  3. In QuickNES, a thin column of pixels that are supposed to be on the right end of the image appear on the left. Weirdly enough, when I took a screenshot to see this the saved image turned out correctly. So there is something that happens during output that generates this error, but only for this core (FCEUmm is fine). PS: I could not reproduce this on PC.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Regarding #3, I noticed this too - adjust the horizontal offset. I actually ended up needing to tweak both horizontal and vertical by I think -4 and 4 respectively. I can’t speak as to whether or not this is just QuickNES though as I haven’t poked at other cores much yet.

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How were you able to install Retro Arch on your PS2 console?

Hi, there is a video tutorial here:

Yo need a PS2 capable of running homebrew.

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Thanks, very helpful!