(PS3) how to download a single core? how to update RA?

when I try to do an online update of cores it says… task failed… index extended

I don’t know what this failure means. I am trying to get picodrive so I can play .32x games and hopefully sega CD games.

how do I find out which version of RA I am currently using? how do I update RA if it is an older version?

That means it can’t reach the server. IIRC, we don’t have any PS3 builds on our buildbot anymore, so you’ll have to download it from xbins

where do I find Xbins? is there in installation process? or can I just drag and drop the file into the “cores” folder

I don’t actually know any of that, as I don’t have a PS3.

Link to the Cores, however, there still is the Question of:

Where does the RA PKG Install to?

Where are the System, Overlays, and Cores Directory Located?


Edit: After experimentation, the target Directory is:


Everything is right there. Had to use RSPC3 to find out, but Installing RA on it.

I have the same problem with RetroArch PS3 Despite that this Console was the Start of the RetroArch era, it has been left out with many issues despite PS3 is still popular and mostly usable, so my problem is i obtained a second handed ps3 mainly for using RetroArch, this is separate from my main PS3, i wanted to play Retro games, so i connected it via a Component cable to my old CRT TV ( as i said i wanna use it for Retro ) installed a CFW and RetroArch, however, as soon as i installed it and imported the games n stuff, i noticed that i can’t get any updates over the Wifi, i can’t update the Cores, the game BoxArts, the cheat database, etc…etc… what has just happened ? Lastly, i remember that it was working fine on my main PS3 back in 2 years ago so what’s the problem now . :frowning: is the any way so i can do these Offline ? can i manually download the game Artworks, Cheat Database, PS3 Specified Core updates etc…etc… .

Thanks in advance ​​​​​​​Regards