PS3 PAL60 support/workarounds and scratchy/stuttering audio

Took a while to nail down, but basically no version of RetroArch properly supports PAL 60 on PS3. (or more specifically switching the machine into PAL60 - it’s fine if you can force it) Without this the audio on PAL machines will be badly mistimed EDIT: unless you use HDMI (but then obvs some stuff like simulated transparency looks a bit shit).

Tried about a dozen official/standalone/unofficial releases and the only one that doesn’t crash is TwinAphex’s Nov 2019 1.81 release here:

If they don’t crash immediately (as all official builds do), generally nothing will happen on the menu or ingame. Even the working one above seemed to affect the game only.

Long story short:

Bit of a faff, but it does work =)

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