PS3 support

I ask you for some consistency. If PS3 support is stopped, remove PS3 logo and fake downloads from Retroarch site.

I don’t think it was stopped ?

Try to download Retroarch for PS3 (PSl1GHT) from download page… link not found. You have to search manually last download available 1.8.7, but it still unusable (infinite menu loop). Last usable PS3 (compiled with SDK Sony) version is 1.8.5 from, if you search it… Last Retroarch with all PS3 cores available is 1.8.3. So… what do you think?

Is it happening on real hardware ? I noticed this issue with rpcs3 when i checked some fbneo issues (the issue disappears if you use keyboard instead of controller iirc).

Anyway, afaik, using the official sony sdk is illegal (except if you paid the license), which is why the binaries created from it weren’t distributed by the libretro team. Not sure why the PSl1GHT version didn’t get updated.

There is a difference… on RPCS3 emulator the loop is from top to down, in my PS3 the loop is from down to top.

Luckily github sources are still good for home build…

However, I am sad, not angry

I asked around, it seems the psl1ght builds were disabled intentionally because of some buildbot issues, they should be back in the future.