PS3. Will SNES core will ever be fixed?

I’m still using ver on my PS3 cause I can’t use SNES core on latest build. Today’s release that claim to fix some issues still have SNES support crippled.

What I mean is, games run fine, but i you try load a state sound go to bin. Like it gets stuck on single sound effect forever upon loading, making games barely playable. I mean one could finish the game without sound, but it won’t be enjoyable.

PS3 ver has only Snes9x 2010 core. On vita its quite unstable, but vita also have some alternative cores, while PS3 ver does not.

Can I fix this myself somehow? If not, is the team aware of the issue? If to, is there a hope of it being fixed?

post this on the github page, unless you already did.

GitHub sez its for ‘RetroArch bugs, not Core bugs.’

Yes, the RetroArch repo is for RetroArch bugs but the snes9x2010 repo is for its bugs. You can post it there.

EDIT: nvm, looks like you found it :slight_smile:

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Is there a chance to someone fix the Snes9x2010 core in the next Retroarch release? I mean fix this saving bug and add SPC7110 support.

We may be able to fix the savestate thing, but the SPC7110 issue probably isn’t going to get fixed, as it would require major changes to the core.

I’m seconding that. Any progress on that issue?

I still have the same problem. i testet several versions and 4 different cores. where can i get the version?

You’d have to build it yourself. We don’t keep old versions around, especially not that far back.