PSX black screen mgs (SOLVED)

I cannot get psx bios file to recognise tried putting them in system folder, still doesn’t work put them in cores. I am lost i have 5500, 5501, 5502

Are you sure they have the correct checksums (i.e., that they’re actually the correct files and aren’t just named the same)?

If they’re not working in your ‘system’ directory, try putting them in the same directory as your ROM(s).

fixed bios but now getting black screen when launch rom thought bios would fix but it doesnt trying on metal gear solid pls help

Do other games work? Can you post a log?

well rearmed works with other games but i think i should be using beetle beetle crashs at all my games. here is a log for the beetle crash. I am a bit out of my element with this stuff first time I ever used paste bin( but am a quick learner with this stuff).

also when i look at core information my bios files show up so not sure if bios is issue on rearmed and beetle.

Solution is here