PSX Dualshock vs Analog

I am going to go through about 1700 psx games and set the proper controller. I have come across a few games that say analog controller compatible, but also vibration function compatible. Does this mean dualshock? Some covers actually state dualshock so I am confused by this.

Dualshock means vibration. There were 3 types of PSX controllers. The default dpad only, Dual analog (no vibration), and Dualshock.

I understand there were 3 types. So analog with vibration support like the cover shown means DualShock. That’s a bit confusing since some cases simply say DualShock.

There’s a couple of other quirks which aren’t listed on the Dual Analog Wikipedia entry that I’ve stumbled across since I bought one last year:

  • Even if you get a Dual Analog with a vibration circuit, it isn’t triggered the same as a Dual Shock. Most games won’t even recognise that the rumble motors exist. It seems that only Japanese games from '97 and '98 will use it, but there are a few weird outliers. For instance, THPS4 on PS2 would activate it from time to time, despite what Wikipedia says on the subject.

  • With regards to the PS2, a lot of games just will not let you use the Dual Analog at all. It’s not just the games which insist on DS2 for the analog face buttons - a lot of games which work with a DS1 will not acknowledge the Dual Analog as a controller. So far I’ve only found Gran Turismo 4 and THPS4 in my PS2 collection which will use it.

  • The sticks on a Dual Analog - early ones at least - aren’t as solid as the Dual Shock ones. Apparently they’re fitted onto round pins, which means the actual stick can rotate more or less freely. It feels very weird under the thumbs, but doesn’t seem to be a problem in game.

Also, most people talk about the “longer handles” of the Dual Analog, but they actually have the same amount of free space - i.e. the same length of handle below the sticks - as the original non-analog controllers. Holding a Dual Analog feels more like a very spread out non-analog controller than it does a Dual Shock.

I’m speaking very specifically about PS1.

Let me ask this another way… Should I set every game that says analog AND vibration support to DualShock or plain analog?

No need to make it that complicated. Just set Dualshock as the default. Games will used what they are programmed to use, much like playing on a real PS1 where I used the dualshock for everything.

Except the issue there is that there are a ton of games not analog and DualShock compatible. If I set all of the games to use DualShock many won’t even recognize there’s a controller plugged in.

That’s strange. I’ve never had this problem. What core are you using?

Beetle, but since I have to have at least 20 characters I’m going to add all this nonsense after the core name.

I also use Beetle and have dualshock as the default controller under inputs. There is a setting under beetle options “Enable DualShock Analog Mode Toggle”. Try turning this on and trying again. This will treat the controller like original hardware, enabling dualshock when the game supports it. You can also toggle in manually.

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I had this set. As far as I understand, and tested, you have to hit start + select + all 4 L1/L2 buttons to toggle. That’s not an option for my setup.

That has not been my case. Whenever I start a game, analog will be toggled automatically if supported, otherwise the sticks remain off. For example:

  • Launched RE: Director’s Cut (non-dualshock) --> sticks are off.
  • Launched RE2: Dualshock --> sticks are on.

I Tested this on numerous games just to make sure and it worked without fail.

Hmmm… Can you screenshot some of your settings? Perhaps my core is outdated.

Edit: I just deleted my core and config, downloaded the Beetle PSX HW, and saved a new config. I open RE and my controller is not being recognized. I looked at the settings and it is showing DualShock as the default. This is why I was going game per game making sure the controller was set right.

I am curious, why do you need separate configs for every core? (as you said in the other thread as well)

And what you mean by

Are you talking about core overrides? Or the global retroarch.cfg and retroarch-core-options.cfg?

Retroarch.cfg. I am using RockerLauncher and it’s just easier to have a config for each system.

I can’t really explain why it is not working for you. My settings are vanilla except for Analog toggle and setting the input to Dualshock for the beetle core.

I talked to a few other people tonight in the chat and they said that’s not how the core works so I’m not sure how it’s working for you. Each game needs an override for controller settings. There’s no auto detect. :man_shrugging:t2:

Here is a video of it in action. You can see the Analog toggle message on the bottom left for RE2 after the bios. For RE it never toggles because it doesn’t support dualshock.

:thinking: What core are you using?

Beetle HW. I think I am on the latest version, though now I am afraid of updating in case it stops working… heh

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