PUAE fullscreen

Whenever I trie to run PUAE full screen, I get black sidebars. The same game with FSUAE fills up my screen completely.

I’m running Windows 11 with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 and the latest Retroarch.

What could I be doing wrong?


Can I assume you are running on a 16x9 monitor?

Black bars are to be expected if you are respecting the native aspect ratio. If there is something wrong I think it is in your FSUAE setup, not the PUAE setup. In any case Retroarch has the choice of many aspect ratios. (Core provided, PAR, DAR, 4x3, etc.) Most, except for “Full” will give you black bars.

Use the core cropping option. Default is the full image.

With driver Glcore, aspect ratio “full” I still get still 2 black bars on the side.

Playing with the core video cropping does not solve the problem. How come FSUAE manages to give me the full image?

How are we supposed to know? You can scale however you want using the custom scaling settings in RA.

Amiga has natively rather large empty areas, especially in PAL mode at the bottom when the game is not using the full PAL area. There is no other cure than cropping, and clearly FS-UAE is doing something like that automatically then. The automatic crop option in the core works very well.