PUAE not working android LOOK HERE ;)*)

Gude ! Servus oder halt in english:

Good day folks !

Soooo… Finally got amiga runnin on Android. But whats this ? After all this bonehard work…

                     NO NETPLAY (puae freezes)

And even no antialiasing possible with the gamers gl tool ?

I find heres still much to do regarding these two points. Btw. How about a gui for wifidirect and bluetooth netplay finally ???

Only adf games run (if they do), had no success with hdf.

Just wanted to warn the kind of people who only play lag and issuefree with working netplay… Ask yourself if its worth the work in this Stadium of puae…

Thank you.

How did i get it running ? Hehehe, very simple:

  1. the CORRECT MD5 kickstart roms, theyre named like xxxxxx.a500.rtb Rename without the .rtb extension Into the system folder

  2. grab some adf

Get rollin’

Hi, i don’t know what is wrong with your HDF, i play lot of HDF on my android and i have no problem…

Maybe u dont have the right bios, or you dont check the right options to play HDF games ?! You can see my tuto here “how to play HDF on PUAE” :wink:

PS : edit your title, and explain it’s for android only ^^


Hdf does work on android among many other systems…furthermore amiga cd32 works amiga cdtv works and also unreleased homebrew games for cd32 and cdtv work…I never tried online play so I cant comment on that…quick tip also…for cd32 games that require fastmem8 like doom and doom2, u must edit and launch the uae…fastmem options arent available via retroarch gui…