PUAE : Unable to swap disks unless altering an unrelated setting

Hi ! I’d like to relay this bugreport I’ve made on the tracker, because it seemingly makes no sense at all. Is someone here encountering the same issue ?

It’s mind boggling, in non MultiDisk mode (single floppy drive with manual swap), Amiga disks being inserted are not recognized, unless… I make an irrelevant configuration option change ! And it works until I restart RA…

Please have a look : https://github.com/libretro/libretro-uae/issues/469

Thanks for your help !!

Figured out ! This bug is triggered when run-ahead is enabled (although not supported by puae). Just like another keyboard support bug affecting puae and dosbox, which is only triggered when run-ahead enabled ! Really strange ! I’m not sure how to report it properly :slight_smile: