Question - The next release?

Hi there . i have a series of dunnos i like you help me to clear.

1 - When the next version will be available?

Or your have a guide or something like that , for try to compile under GNU/Linux , the source code for the first xbox ?

2 - The next version will include “cheevos” (RetroAchivements) using username & password , when the console is connected to internet ?

i really wanna play emulated games and make Achivements from the Xbox :3

3 - The next version will include “xmb” Menu driver , the blue one ?

i really love the xmb menu

4 - The next version will include “Add content” for save the “Cores” used with specific mimetypes of roms. except for Arcade ? Because for Arcade Games , need be specific core to runs fine

Thank you for any answer you can give me . i think that all my dunnos about RetroArch for Xbox right now

I don’t know when the next Xbox release will happen, either, but you should be able to try and build it yourself by getting the Xbox SDK and then use the libretro-super scripts to build.

I don’t think any of the consoles support network stuff, including cheevos.

XMB requires OpenGL, which Xbox lacks :frowning:

If you mean playlists, yeah, it should work on Xbox.

You have a guide or something like for , for compiling using Xbox SDK , the RetroArch (libretro) with cores ???