RA Controller issue within specific cores

I am building and Arcade cabinet and the joystick/buttons are all mapped as a generic joystick. They work in the NES and Super NES cores, but if I load a N64 or Gamecube I loose the joystick controls. Buttons all still work fine and the hotkeys work. If I open up the menu in RA the joystick works fine there just not in these mentioned cores.

I have tried to remap the controller and update the effected cores with no luck.

Those cores use the left analog stick for movement. My guess is that you haven’t mapped those analog axes to anything. You can use the analog-dpad option and then map the left analog to your joystick and null out the dpad assignments (that is, this setting allows the analog sticks to also send out digital dpad signals).

The only catch is that some cores/games don’t like getting analog and dpad signals at the same time and they will conflict (e.g., Mario 64 and Zelda OoT will get conflicting, opposite movement instructions that result in the character walking very slowly), so you’ll have to use a remap to force it off for those cores/games.

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Thank you sir. You got it and I have it working now.

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