RA generating off-center modelines

Using a fresh install of 1.19.1. I have an RCA TV connected to a Radeon 5450 through a component transcoder. When I first set everything up in CRTEmudriver, I noticed the presets were giving me skewed results (I tested the TV with an SNES and a PS2 and the TV settings are fine), so using VMM, CRU, and ArcadeOS, I created a new preset based on a 240p resolution:

monitor "TruFlat", "TruFlat NTSC TV", "4:3"
        crt_range0 15740.00-15760.00, 50.00-70.00, 0.635, 7.619, 4.444, 0.381, 0.127, 0.889, 0, 0, 192, 293, 448, 480

I have also plugged this crt_range into switchres.ini and set RA to use “INI” with “native” resolution.

VMM generates centered resolutions from this preset. Testing out with NES and SNES roms, I can disable switchres and manually set the resolution to 256x240 and everything looks as it should. But the moment I turn on switchres, RA generates a completely new modeline that goes off the right side of the screen!

I used ArcadeOSD to copy the modelines from manually setting the resolution:

modeline "256x240_60 15.73KHz 60.04Hz" 5.16 256 264 304 328 240 246 248 262 -hsync -vsync
crt_range 15721.71-15741.71, 50.00-60.00, 1.550, 7.752, 4.651, 0.381, 0.127, 0.890, 0, 0, 240, 293, 480, 586

and then again from what RA generates:

modeline "256x240_60 15.65KHz 59.96Hz" 5.18 256 266 290 331 240 242 245 261 -hsync -vsync
crt_range 15639.55-15659.55, 50.00-60.00, 1.931, 4.633, 7.915, 0.128, 0.192, 1.022, 0, 0, 240, 292, 480, 584

I was under the impression that both programs were using the same procedures to generate modelines. If that’s the case, why is VMM able to use my preset to create centered resolutions while RA screws them up again?

I have another thread on ArcadeControls with slightly more information and a few photos:


Any help is greatly appreciated.

I think I might be onto what’s happening here, and it seems as if override corename.switchres.ini files are required with the custom crt_range option. It may be the case that the root directory switchres.ini is being ignored in part or in full.

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